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Commercial Electric Citrus Juicer

Product Details

Place of Origin: china

Brand Name: kingmax

Certification: CE

Model Number: XC-2000E-3

Payment & Shipping Terms

Minimum Order Quantity: 10 PCS

Price: Negotiate

Packaging Details: Inner carton box , outer wood box

Delivery Time: 15 days after receiving payment


Supply Ability: 1000 pcs one month

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orange press juicer


fruit and vegetable juicer machine

304 Stainelss Steel
22-25 Oranges Per Mins
Automatical Working:
20ft Loading:
120 Pcs
Delivery Time:
10-15 Days
Customer Logo:
304 Stainelss Steel
22-25 Oranges Per Mins
Automatical Working:
20ft Loading:
120 Pcs
Delivery Time:
10-15 Days
Customer Logo:
Commercial Electric Citrus Juicer

220V 5kg Commercial Fruit Juicer Machines / Citrus Juicer Electric For Cafe Shop , Food-Grade

Konmax Orange Juicer Machine Description:

1) Automatic divide the juicers and residue.

2) Continuous 8 eight different spout positions, make it suitable for location

3) All parts are made of stainless steel

4) Easy to clean, pour into 500ml water and turn on the power

5) The machine will not working without the electric

6) Widely used in groggery, restaurant, hotels, supermarket, shopping mall, fruit shops, entertainment

places, hospitals, school and canteens.


Konmax Orange Juicer Machine Application:

Commercial orange juicer can be used in wide range like bar,restaurant,drink shop , home ,supermarket ,gymnasium,entertainment ,hospital etc 


Konmax Orange Juicer Machine Specification:

Material Stainless steel Delivery time 20FT: 10days; 40HQ: 15days
Width 350MM Length 420MM
Height 770MM Model XC-2000E-3
orange size 40--90mm Output 22-25 oranges/mins
Package size 430*360*780MM Certificate CE approval available
Electrics Standard 110V-220V,50-60HZ Power 120W
G.W 52KG N.W 46KG
40' HQ loading 290PCS FOB Shanghai USD
20' FT loading 120PCS Warranty 1 Year


Konmax Orange Juicer Machine Detailed Photo:

Commercial Electric Citrus Juicer 0

Squeezed kits are food grade PC and long life to working 

Commercial Electric Citrus Juicer 1

Top fruit basket is stainless steel and can hold 10 kg oranges 

Commercial Electric Citrus Juicer 2

Stainless steel filter to make sure juice taste well and not stuck the tap 


Konmax Orange Juicer Machine Accessory:

Two protruding balls ,blade compages ,concave squeezer ,peelers ,peeler seats ,plastic veils ,pressing screw ,two concave balls .


Konmax Orange Juicer Machine Safety Notice:

Avoid dangerous please followed by the next step: 

1. Ensure read and understand all the explanations. 

2. Only use the specifically charger(230V/50HZ,120V/60HZ). 

3. For the safety purpose,only use connect power to the grounded connector plugs.

4. Do not put machine on the power supply.

5. Ensure machine is out of the work and turn off the power before you clean it.

6. Do not touch the power connect plug.

7. Only used for citrus and lemon. Do not used for other fruit.

8. Do not use for peach, mango etc, in case it damage. 

9. Do not put your hands in the machine while it working.


Konmax Orange Juicer Machine Operation Procedure:
Place the machine on the table after it is taken out of the box; Make sure that no parts is missing on the box.
Connect power plug to a power/socket, and turn on the power switch, run the machine without load.
This is to check that machine run normally and does not make any strange noise.
Then, check whether the waste bins and tray are place in the correct positions, Then turn off the machine.
Put the cup on the tray to get juice.
Put pre-washed oranges into the top basket before squeezing.
Turn on the switch, and let the machine run without load for a while. Then put oranges into feed rail,
and oranges will roll into concave roller, and cut into two half by knife assembly, and squeezed by convexroller.
Juice flowing down the cup.
To stop squeezing, turn off the power switch.


Konmax Orange Juicer Machine Cleaning Instruction:

1.Begin by unplugging the juicer.

2.Disassemble the juicer completely.

3.Dump the bin or container that catches the pulp and scrape it out with a spatula.

4.Rinse each piece under running water.

5.Use the small brushes to clean the small areas, there are small brushes available such as nail brushes

that can be used to clean the nooks and crannies.

6.For more thorough cleanings, fill the sink with water and add dish soap.

7.Soak each piece for a few minutes and then wash with a brush or soft cloth.

8.Pay special attention to the mesh strainer as this can quickly build up with pulp and juice debris. Do not

allowthe juice particles to dry in this fine screen or they will be difficult to remove.

9.Use a soft cloth or sponge moistened with water to wipe down the machine itself. Although the juice is

designed to go through a certain route in the juicer, juice and pulp will end up everywhere.

10.Allow all of the pieces to dry completely. It is fine to set them on a towel or drying rack.

11.Reassemble the juicer.


Konmax Orange Juicer Machine E-catalogue:

Commercial Electric Citrus Juicer 3

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