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Latest company new about 2022 KONMAX ANNUAL PARTY


The basic flow chart of the company's annual meeting 1. The significance of the annual meeting The annual meeting is a major corporate holiday! 1. Program of the annual meeting: For the smile of my parents, I am on the way! 2. Operating principle: how to make employees feel how to come! 3. The soul of the enterprise: manage the motivation of employees well, realize the dreams of employees, and realize the dream of the boss by the way! 4. The core of the annual meeting: let employees work hard in the company next year! 5. The purpose of the annual meeting: ① Pull employees a. It is to reduce employee turnover and use activities to retain employees; to make employees excited to take action, so that more employees can see the hope of working with our company; to show the company's brilliance, and to make employees' families more supportive of their work in the company; so The annual meeting must be different from previous years, and employees must feel it; let employees earn more money next year! b. You can invite some prospective customers to attend our annual meeting, and let old customers share at the site of the annual meeting, so as to impress new customers and make new customers have a good impression of our company. ③ Pull other forces a. Invite several upstream and downstream or partners to show them our planning and team, so as to increase their confidence and dependence on us. b. Invite several leaders of relevant local departments (or industry) to show them our culture and its driving force and contribution to the local (or industry)  
Latest company new about 40ft Container Orange Juice Vending Machine Ready To Ship

40ft Container Orange Juice Vending Machine Ready To Ship

On 14th July Konmax finnish 40ft container fresh orange juice vending machine production and machine test ,machine ready to ship and load . The vending machine provides the customer with the two options of purchasing freshly squeezed orange juice or final products; in the process of waiting for the purchase,the customer can watch media advertisements played on a transparent display screen, and the entire process in the vending machine from fresh oranges to squeezing, pouring, bottling,and the final delivery of the product is also visible through the display screen. All the whole procedure only takes 40 seconds and you can get fresh juice without sugar , fresh juice is popular all the world .   22 inch big LED screen which Keep up to date with your sales and the profitability of your vending machine in real time. The new telemetry kit offers fast access to all remote information about your fleet of machines via mobile phone, app and server. Set up your own alerts, access the control panel and create your own sales reports. Big tempered glass that shows the entire juicing process in an attractive, transparent way that will appeal to customers. This is a great way to present a 360º vision of the fresh product and the Original juicing system, showcasing your commitment to a healthy lifestyle. Orange storage 350 pcs and with lift it is easy to load the oranges  automatic cup dropping and cupping function  automatic cleaning with high pressure water gun , easy to clean and maintenance   
Latest company new about KONMAX held the 2020 annual summary and commendation and 2021 New Year's party

KONMAX held the 2020 annual summary and commendation and 2021 New Year's party

   To show the good appearance of KONMAX's rapid and vigorous development, to enhance friendship and strengthen cohesion, KONMAX held the 2020 annual summary and commendation and 2021 New Year's party on 2nd february to thank all employees for their hard work and selfless dedication over the past year .    The annual meeting is divided into four parts:    1. Leader's speech: The CEO summarized the company's development and achievements in 2020, and formulated the company's overall plan for 2021, including the new annual plan, direction, and goals. The CEO said that although 2020 is an extraordinary year,due to pandemic many customers face big challenge ,many countries lockdown and The real estate is facing huge difficulties.However, with the joint efforts of all KONMAX colleagues, not only the production and sales targets at the beginning of the year have been completed, but also stable growth has been achieved. I would like to thank every colleague for their dedication and contribution to KONMAX, and thank all partners and customers for their strong support to KONMAX.    2. Recognition of outstanding employees: Recognize colleagues who performed well in their respective positions, worked hard, and made outstanding contributions, and awarded certificates and bonuses to thank them for their dedication to KONMAX. 3. Performances: KONMAX’s colleagues arranged various and colorful performances. 4. Annual meeting dinner.
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