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Company News About How to operate automatic orange juicer machine correctly?

How to operate automatic orange juicer machine correctly?

How to operate automatic orange juicer machine correctly?
The machine apply to small drink shops, fruit shop, restaurants, hotels, bars, the office of cards, tea and coffee-

 houses, a very wide range of applications. Also applies to the success of the family.With the concept of raising the


level of food consumption, as people of freshly squeezed juice will replace the carbonated beverage drinks.

Before Operation:
A. Power supply of 110v-240v The power supply must have the safety system to connect with the ground.
Please don’t replace the machine’s cable by yourself.
B. Check the lid whether lock closely with the bower centering (You can pull the spigot of juice for cask that
made of stainless steel if it not move, it’s correct .If it is lax you can readjust the lock pin
C.Connect to the power supply and turn on the machine, examine the machine with your eyes and ears to
make sure the function normal before normal work.
Operation Procedure:
Please clean the fruit or vegetable you want to squeeze before squeeze and peel off the husk.(For example :
orange, watermelon).Some fruit like peach and apricot they have the firm pip you must take out them or it
will shatter machine .Cutting the pulp into piece or block smaller than the size of the ostium for putting the
pulp. Then put them into clean container. When turn on the machine you can put the pulp into ostium
continuously or use the fruit pusher, then the fresh juice will pour from the ostium If you want to change
fruit or vegetable the machine worked in normally, infusing clean water into ostium it will be cleaned and
the peculiar smell will be resisted.
After Operation:
If you want to clean or change the blade and centrifugation basket after you use the machine over.You must
turn off the power then you can open the lid and screw the nut, take out the blade, centrifugation basket to
clean completely (Don’t move the other parts lest should effect the quality for boot-strap). Finally install the
parts with reversed sequence. Putting on the lid then the machine can work normally again.