January 18, 2022

Latest company news about 2022 KONMAX ANNUAL PARTY

The basic flow chart of the company's annual meeting
1. The significance of the annual meeting

The annual meeting is a major corporate holiday!

1. Program of the annual meeting: For the smile of my parents, I am on the way!

2. Operating principle: how to make employees feel how to come!

3. The soul of the enterprise: manage the motivation of employees well, realize the dreams of employees, and realize the dream of the boss by the way!

4. The core of the annual meeting: let employees work hard in the company next year!

5. The purpose of the annual meeting:

① Pull employees

a. It is to reduce employee turnover and use activities to retain employees; to make employees excited to take action, so that more employees can see the hope of working with our company; to show the company's brilliance, and to make employees' families more supportive of their work in the company; so The annual meeting must be different from previous years, and employees must feel it; let employees earn more money next year!

b. You can invite some prospective customers to attend our annual meeting, and let old customers share at the site of the annual meeting, so as to impress new customers and make new customers have a good impression of our company.

③ Pull other forces

a. Invite several upstream and downstream or partners to show them our planning and team, so as to increase their confidence and dependence on us.

b. Invite several leaders of relevant local departments (or industry) to show them our culture and its driving force and contribution to the local (or industry)

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